Jennie of BLACKPINK confirms she’s launching her own agency “OA”

Jennie of BLACKPINK confirms she’s launching her own agency “OA”

Okay, BLACKPINK lovers, time to wave your lightsticks! That’s because our girl Jennie is soaring to new heights, this time going solo. After wrapping up her stellar 2023 with her dazzling solo track, her HBO debut in “The Idol,” her Coachella performance with BLACKPINK, and the “Born Pink Tour,”  she’s not just a Kpop sensation anymore – she’s a global phenomenon!

And how do you prove your global power? There are many ways, but Jennie definitely chose the most dazzling one, launching her own label, named “OA.” The “You & Me” hitmaker took to Instagram, where her 82 million followers got the first scoop. In one of her posts, she introduced OA, her personal agency for her solo adventures. Her message? A huge thank you to BLINks (that’s BLACKPINK fans) and an invite to join her on her solo future while keeping the BLACKPINK love alive.

Upon confirming the creation of the label, OA’s Instagram, @oddatelier, exploded with followers, hitting half a million in just a couple of hours. Honestly, we aren’t surprised, as anything Jennie touches at this point becomes gold! And it seems she’s down to create something like that in her company. Think of it as a workshop where the unexpected is the norm, with Jennie merging her passion for music and fashion in one place.

This spectacular news comes after BLACKPINK renewed their contract with their first company, YG Entertainment, and confirmed they would stay as a group in that agency. Still, these girls have decided to take their solo projects on their own terms and Jennie is the first one to do so, making us wonder about the future paths of Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa.

Catch the official confirmation here: