Jennie breaks an astonishing record on YouTube as a K-Pop soloist

Jennie breaks an astonishing record on YouTube as a K-Pop soloist

Jennie is one the most beloved and respected idols inside the K-pop scene because of her extraordinary debut single, ‘Solo’ and her catchy songs with BLACKPINK. The South Korean artist already broke an astonishing record on YouTube as K-pop soloist which demonstrate her great influence.

Jennie has always been known as a great influence into the K-pop market and overseas because of her charisma, talent and extraordinary dancing skills. The idol reached this milestone with her official YouTube channel“Jennierubyjane” which recently reached 10 Million subscribers on the platform.

This amazing record made Jennie join BLACKPINK’s Lisa as the two fastes K-pop soloist to achieve this milestone, with 992 days and 1,293 days respectively, to reach the 10 million mark on the streaming giant. Everyone praised this amazing achievement because they have found their way to create innovative content to keep the audience entertained over the years.

The record becomes even more phenomenal because Jennie and Lisa have been in charge of making their way into the Top 10 K-Pop acts with the most subscribers in Youtube’s history. This marks an astonishing record because they already surpassed groups with musical content.

Jennie has shown she is worthy of becoming one of the biggest stars into the K-pop scene by solidifying her career with uncountable records and support from her fans, better known as the BLINKS. Undoubtedly Jennie’s reign is about to start despite of the numerous speculations regarding her contract renewal and BLACKPINK’s renewal overall.