Jamie Foxx continues to display good health in latest public outing

Jamie Foxx continues to display good health in latest public outing

Jamie Foxx has kept positive spirits and strong health as he continues to be seen in public following his “medical complication.”

Good news about Jamie Foxx’s health keeps coming in, as sources are saying the Academy Award-winning actor “was in good spirits and having a good time” over the weekend while taking some recreational swings at Topgolf.

Adding to the observation about Jamie Foxx’s health, the source told People, “He looks healthy…He didn’t need any physical assistance.” This – coupled with his recent venture out on a boat – is definitely good news for his recovery. His outings come three months after he was taken to the hospital following an undisclosed “medical complication” while shooting Netflix’s Back in Action. The movie was finished with body doubles.

Jamie Foxx also apparently has a strong support system keeping him company and safe following his spring health scare. “There were other guests on the floor, it wasn’t fully private. They came in through a side entrance on the third floor right to their section…His friends seemed protective of him throughout the night — they were looking out for him.”

Positivity over Jamie Foxx’s health has thankfully been frequent as of late, with members of the They Clone Tyrone cast and crew delivering good news at the movie’s June premiere. They Cloned Tyrone – which comes to Netflix on July 21st – is one of several projects Jamie Foxx has on the horizon. Also due out later this summer is Strays, in which he and Will Ferrell voice stray dogs. Other movies include the aforementioned Back in Action, legal drama The Burial (where he’ll play real-life lawyer Willie E. Gary) and action flick Tin Soldier, co-starring Robert De Niro, Scott Eastwood and John Leguizamo. And of course we’re still hoping to see Foxx step into the ring to play Mike Tyson.

With his health on the upswing, Jamie Foxx will also be returning to television, co-hosting a new game show called We Are Family with his daughter Corinne. The two also worked together on Fox’s Beat Shazam, although Foxx was replaced by Nick Cannon and Corinne by Kelly Osbourne while the star underwent treatment.

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