IVE’s new concept photos for their third title track, “Baddie”

IVE’s new concept photos for their third title track, “Baddie”

IVE has gained a lot of attention since the announcement of their EP, “I’VE MINE” which they already have given glimpses of the EP’s atmosphere to their fans, better known as the DIVE. This time around, they keep teasing the era with the concept photos for “Baddie.”

The girl band has made a heavy promo on their new EP with two title tracks, “Either Way” and “Off the Record.” Each has two sensational music videos and amazing concept photos. The promotion for “I’VE MINE” keeps going and this opportunity “Baddie” concept photos were revealed.

The concept photos transports us into a street fashion concept in blacks and whites. The fantastic photoshoot completely supports their latest teaser which was released on October 8 during the girls’ first-ever world tour, “SHOW WHAT I HAVE.”

Both the trailer and concept photos have given the enigmatic atmosphere that surrounds “Baddie.” The street fashion and the gorgeous visuals are the perfect combo to make this third title track worthy of becoming one of the biggest singles from the group.

The six members of IVE delivered perfection in every shot from “Baddie” as they previously did with “Either Way” and “Off the Record”s concept photos. The DIVE stated they always look beautiful and they cannot wait until the EP is released.

IVE’s EP, “I’VE MINE” is set to be released on October 13 KST, while you wait until this amazing music project is released, you can enjoy, the “Baddie”  trailer below:

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