IVE teases a new single for “2024 Pepsi x Starship Campaign”

IVE teases a new single for “2024 Pepsi x Starship Campaign”

IVE met success with their latest release, “I’VE MINE,” the girls were praised because of their unique concepts for music videos and great lyricism. The girl group couldn’t end this year without creating a hyping atmosphere for their upcoming music projects.

What’s coming for IVE in 2024? A lot, that’s for sure, but mainly, the idols dropped a teaser for a new single for the2024 Pepsi x Starship Campaign.” This amazing collaboration wasn’t a surprise for IVE’s fans, better known as DIVE after the girls already had two collaborations last summer.

Pepsi and Starship Entertainment have been working together for a global marketing campaign and digital single projects since 2019. This collaboration also marks the third consecutive year working with IVE, which is a milestone for their projects.

Undoubtedly, IVE is set to showcase all of their talents during the new campaign, the girls have been widely popular for their amazing collaborations. Stay tuned for new updates on IVE’s new musical projects and their “2024 Pepsi x Starship Campaign” single.