IU unveils comeback date with new mood film

IU unveils comeback date with new mood film

IU has been preparing herself to start an amazing era, after revealing in BTS Suga’s talk show, “Suchwita” she wanted to collaborate with V, and her desires became true. The idol starred along with BTS’ Taehyung in a great post-apocalyptic music video, titled, “Love Wins All.”

The music video quickly became popular and all eyes were on her, waiting for her next move. Fortunately, “Love Wins All” was just the beginning of this era, as the idol has released a new mood film to announce her album.

“The Winning” mood film serves as the official announcement of IU’s new album date, the long wait is almost over for her fans, better known as Uaena. This sixth mini album promises to be one of the most cohesive and successful ones to date after the great promotion of the pre-release single, “Love Wins All.”

The beautiful and ethereal aesthetic present throughout the mood film gives glimpses into the atmosphere of the actual album. IU’s album is set to be released on February 20, while you wait you can enjoy the “The Winning” mood film trailer below:

IU 6th Mini Album [The Winning] Mood Film