IU explains how BTS’ V was chosen for the ‘Love Wins All’ music video

IU explains how BTS’ V was chosen for the ‘Love Wins All’ music video

On January 24th, IU made her long-awaited musical comeback with the MV for her song ‘Love Wins All‘, in which BTS member V participated. Answering the questions about his cast, the solo singer explains how the male idol was chosen to star in the music video.

During the recent release of the behind-the-scenes video, IU revealed that she and the director of the MV, Um Tae-hwa, were looking for someone who “possessed the mood of a young boy but gave off a very cool and reliable feeling after the transformation“.

Although she was not sure she could find someone with those characteristics, she remembers that she has been in contact with V in some periods of their careers. She thought he could fit the role and asked him if he was interested.

I sent him the music first, and V loved it“, she said.

He listened to ‘Love Wins All’ and happily decided to star in the music video. He said. ‘I love the song; I want to do it’“.

For his part, V also shared his point of view of the casting, as he said what was one of his biggest motives to do it: “The director of the music video was Director Um Tae-hwa, who filmed Concrete Utopia, so I thought it would be a precious memory to work on a piece with him“.

When IU called me, I said I should listen to the song first. After I listened to it, I knew I would regret it so much if I didn’t do the video because it suited my tastes so much“, he added.

So, I decided to do it“, the BTS member finally said.