IU and BTS’ V face accusations of an ‘exploitative’ disability message in ‘Love Wins All’

IU and BTS’ V face accusations of an ‘exploitative’ disability message in ‘Love Wins All’

Despite the successful release of IU‘s new song ‘Love Wins All‘ with the participation of BTSV, the idols are facing accusations of an ‘exploitative’ disability message in the popular MV, which, besides having much praise, also generates controversy.

HYBE model and stylist Nara Kim, who describes herself as ‘openly queer bisexual‘, made a new post on her Instagram account accompanied by a comment that criticized a particular message in the music video along with the song’s hashtags.

I don’t want to be distorted as a straight, non-disabled person with normalcy through the camera. I’m satisfied with myself. #lovewins #lovewinsall“, wrote Nara in her post.

The artist references the camera the idols found, in which they could see each other without their injuries, but their disabilities, such as V’s blindness and IU’s deafness, also disappeared. Nara says the MV used limitations as props in a story about overcoming adversity by having two non-disabled celebrities play these roles.

I mean, a music video featuring two rich, non-disabled world stars (known as cisgender hetero) uses disabilities and minorities as props to say about overcoming, ending up with a very normal ending of wearing a wedding dress and a tuxedo“, said the model on her Instagram Stories.