ITZY to drop a new album “BORN TO BE” next year

ITZY to drop a new album “BORN TO BE” next year

ITZY seved major Kpop vibes this year with their seventh mini-album “Kill My Doubt,” and their bop “Cake.” And these girls don’t plan to slow down next year! Wonder why? Well, it was revealed today that ITZY plans to drop their album, “BORN TO BE” in January.

You read that right, MIDZY! (That’s the name ITZY’s fan wear proudly) one of our faves is ready to smash the charts and stages again with a new project. This album announcement was confirmed through JYP Entertainment and ITZY’s social media profiles.

As if that wasn’t enough, the track list was also revealed. It features 10 songs, with 5 of them being collective songs and 5 solo tracks. Check them out:

1. Born to Be.
2. Untouchable.
3. Mr. Vampire.
4. Dynamite.
5. Crown on my Head (Yeji).
6. Blossom (Lia).
7. Run Away (Ryujin).
8. Nine (Chaeryeong).
9. Yet, But (Yuna).
10. Escalator.

It’s time to mark your calendars, “BORN TO BE” will be released on January 8th, 2024. The group will promote it as a quartet since member Lia will be taking a break to focus on her health.