iKON’s Bobby talks about his feelings about the former member B.I

iKON’s Bobby talks about his feelings about the former member B.I

Bobby, a member of the renowned group iKON, publicly shared his sincere feelings about former member B.I who left the musical septet, surprising all fans with his unexpected and controversial statements in this regard.

These statements were made through the idol’s official Instagram account, where he spoke for the first time about his problems with his former groupmate, in addition to making it clear that he does not wish to continue having a feud with him.

I understand it honestly because despite everything he is my brother and I can’t stop my love for him, despite the mistakes he made. You know he knows that what he did was pretty bad, but let’s not make this become a game or a war. I love him as much as you love him. Let’s not forget that he is a good guy. Let’s give him the opportunity to make it up to you. Forgiveness is the noblest thing a human being can do“, Bobby shared.

Let’s not work for OT7, OT6 or something like that, I’m not trying to be political. I’m just trying to let you know how I feel about whoever. LET’S STOP THIS WAR“, he concluded.

In the publication, Bobby made it clear to his fans that he wants this war between two groups within the fandom to end, in which some want the group to remain as a group of 7 with B.I, while others prefer that they continue as a group of 6 members causing a huge controversy in the industry.

It is expected that after the idol’s recent declaration this war will end and allow the group and B.I to decide what their position is in this regard and continue with their musical activities as normally while maintaining friendly relations.