‘If You Wish After Me’ Episode 2: Ji Chang Wook Fulfills Patient’s Passing away Wish

‘If You Wish After Me' Episode 2: Ji Chang Wook Fulfills Patient's Passing away Wish

In “If You Wish After Me” episode 2, Yoon Gyeo Rye starts his responsibilities as a offer at the Woori Hospice along with Team Genie. A cancer patient captured his interest, as well as discovers themself satisfying among the patient’s desires.

‘If You Wish After Me’ Episode 2: Seo Yeon Joo Clashes Along with Yoon Gyeo Rye
Yoon Gyeo Rye (Ji Chang Wook) mosted likely to Woori Hospice towards begin his offer work. Sadly, on his method, he unintentionally gone by Seo Yeon Joo (Choi Sooyoung) as well as created her fall under a match.

In gain, after knowing that he was actually goinged towards the hospice, nurse Seo kicked among Gyeo Rye’s vehicle edge represents, which infuriated him. The two possessed a poor perception of one another on their very initial conference as associates.

On the other hand, Kang Tae Sik (Sung Dong Il) provided Yoon a briefing about the hospice as well as exactly just what will certainly be actually his responsibility throughout his remain.

Yoon Gyeo Rye’s Responsibility as Offer Starts

Towards satisfy the patient’s desires prior to he passed away within the full week, Yoon Gyeo Rye accompanied Kang Tae Sik towards the patient’s aged house. The cancer patient wanted towards go to his house once once more were actually all of his good moments occurred.

However, a household was actually inhabiting the house. Mr. Kang as well as Yoon needed to persuade all of them towards totally complimentary the house for simply a couple of times as well as allow the cancer patient remain for a number of times.

They possessed a difficult time feeling free to all of them, however because of Yeon Quickly Ja’s (Yang Hee Kyeong) dish as well as Team Genies’s assist, they had the ability to carry the cancer patient towards his previous house towards invest a long time.

Yoon Gyeo Rye Fulfills the Cancer Patient’s Wish

While carrying the patient towards his house, Kang Tae Sik as well as Yoon Gyeo Rye possessed a battle in the process. It was actually after Yoon ignored the cancer clients as well as their staying times in the world. Because of this, Mr. Kang provided him a preaching as well as inquired him towards view his mouth very initial prior to stating everything hazardous before the patient.

Throughout the evening, Yoon Gyeo Rye possessed a discussion along with the patient. Viewing him waiting created Yoon tear up. An extremely uncommon point for him to perform. The cancer patient wished to view the plant of persimmon birth fruits once once more in his yard.

The following early morning, he was actually amazed towards view the entire plant loaded along with persimmons. It created him grin as well as appreciated all of the pleased moments he shown his spouse as well as child previously.

Nurse Seo after that revealed towards Mr. Kang stated that it was actually Yoon Gyeo Rye that remained up all of evening towards recoat phony fruits as well as hang all of them on the trees to ensure that the patient will view all of them very early in the early morning. Yoon’s unforeseen motion created Kang Tae Sik as well as Seo Yeon Joo’s hearts flutter.