HYBE threatens to sue ‘The Camp’ for using BTS’ image to make money

HYBE threatens to sue ‘The Camp’ for using BTS’ image to make money

The departure of all BTS members to the military has not been easy for fans; however, the updates from the South Korean army ‘The Camp‘ have helped them feel closer to the idols. but this may not be good for HYBE, which threatens to sue the app for using the boys’ image to make money.

Although this app has the objective of informing the family and friends of the active soldiers of their status and having the opportunity to communicate with them through letters and comments, the company discovers that the names and faces of the idols were used to share information about them alongside the word ‘official’.

Also, the app sold dolls and name tags with the names of the idols through their ‘The Camp Mall’. All these actions alarmed some fans, who warned the agency with the intention of protecting the real identity of the idols after the unauthorized sale of BTS products.

In recent hours, the agency behind the boy group, HYBE, sent a letter to ‘The Camp’ assuring that this action violates publicity rights for unauthorized use of IP, deception of fans and consumers through official text, and providing personal information such as the artist’s salary, rank, and diet.

After the warning, the app management deleted the posts related to the boy group and stopped selling the dolls and name tags of the artists. However, it is known that part of the BTS community is protesting, claiming this was a voluntary project for fans and not by the app operator.