HYBE receives backlash for playing on BTS fans’ emotions

HYBE receives backlash for playing on BTS fans’ emotions

BTS is one of the most popular boybands of all time and the clear referent of success in the Kpop scene. Their career is beyond amazing and it shows after their fans, better known as ARMY, have always supported them. This beautiful interaction was used by HYBE to play on their emotions and sell new merchandise.

On December 5, BTS’ remaining members to enlist in the army went on a broadcast to talk for the last time with their fans. The Weverse’s livestream was full of joy and emotions as they were completely happy to interact with the ARMY. HYBE didn’t waste time and had a trick under its sleeve.

Just 12 hours after the stream ended, HYBE announced BTS’ highly-anticipated project called, “Artist-made Collection,” which features BTS members’ merchandise for ARMY. This announcement left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth after it was considered that HYBE just played on fans’ emotions, and took advantage of their vulnerability.

In addition, the collection announcement also sparked controversy because of HYBE’s decisions surrounding the artists BTS collaborated with to bring this collection. Particularly, Jungkook was in the eye of the hurricane because the artist who helped him had a zionist view.

Regardless of the controversy, BTS’ new collection sold out instantly, demonstrating their big influence worldwide, particularly in South Korea. HYBE hasn’t released any statement addressing the fans’ outrage due to their decisions.