Here’s the reason why Jungkook was visibly upset in a recent livestream

Here’s the reason why Jungkook was visibly upset in a recent livestream

BTSJungkook is not only widely famous because of his amazing performance skills and charming aura but also for his lovely relationship with pets. The idol has earned everyone’s hearts because of his interactions with his dog, Bam. However, he showed his outrage about a reckless question regarding his pet.

Since the Golden Maknae introduced Bam to his fans, better known as ARMY, the duo has spent numerous memorable moments because of this lovely friendship. Despite this, his love was highly questioned during Jungkook’s livestream on Weverse and the comment was deemed inappropriate.

On December 8, Jungkook surprised ARMY with a livestream before he enlisted in the next couple of days. The idol was walking home after working out while chatting and answering with the fans. Everything was just right until a sour comment came in, someone asked Jungkook if he was abandoning Bam.

Immediately, Jungkook showed his outrage due to the comment by saying, “Are you crazy? Are you crazy?” and emphasized he missed Bam, but this comment was just wrong, and it shouldn’t have been asked.

ARMY was completely outraged as well because they strongly believed boundaries are required to protect the idols during live broadcasts on Weverse. They also stated this kind of “inappropriate” comments towards BTS’ Jungkook are just out of tone, and he shouldn’t be harassed by anyone.