Here’s the reason why BTS’ Jungkook jokingly called his fans, the ARMY, ‘pervs’

Here’s the reason why BTS’ Jungkook jokingly called his fans, the ARMY, ‘pervs’

BTS’ Jungkook has been the talk of the town because of the successful singles he has released as a solo act, ‘Seven’ and ‘3D,’ which already are part of his rising reign in the K-pop scene. The idol is also well known for his dancing skills and outstanding performances, and for this particular reason, he called his fans, better known as the ARMY, ‘pervs’ because of their petitions.

The K-pop industry has always been known for having numerous interactions between the fans and the idols which can go from a heartwarming situation or a downright hilarious moment. The Golden Maknae has given a masterclass of how to joke about calling the ARMY, pervs because of their TikTok constant requests.

The idol has been the center of attention because of his physiqué since his shirtless campaign with Calvin Klein, and the ARMY went crazy about it, so is not strange the exponential demands from the ARMY who playfully urged Jungkook to make a shirtless TikTok and he addressed the situation

Jungkook joined Stationhead and held a listening party session with the ARMY, his fans didn’t hesitate to ask him if he could film a TikTok shirtless and Jungkook jokingly answered:

“Wouldn’t that be kind of difficult? Anyway, I was not wearing a shirt in the music video. Let me wear one when I’m home. Let’s not be like that. There are a lot of pervs among ARMYs too, I see. ARMYs also have evil minds inside them. I’ve never seen ARMYs say such things so confidently, it’s the first time seeing this.” 

After the hilarious situation that caused laughter among the ARMY, they didn’t hesitate to praise Jungkook for his wise answer. Because of this, the short voice audio on social media from the idol quickly went viral.