GOT7’s Yugyeom accused of plagiarizing BTS’ J-Hope with his new album

GOT7’s Yugyeom accused of plagiarizing BTS’ J-Hope with his new album

Following the end of their contracts with JYP Entertainment, all members of GOT7 started their solo careers including Yugyeom, announcing that he joined label AOMG. Now the idol finally announced his first full album titled ‘TRUST ME‘ as well as revealed some concept photos, tracklist and alternative cover versions.

In total there are 4 versions and in one of them you can see Yugyeom sinking into a green inflatable wearing a hat very similar to the one worn by J-Hope on the cover of Jack In The Box, of course this created a big debate and accusations of plagiarism on social media by fandoms.

Recall that J-Hope released Jack In The Box in 2022 before his compulsory military service, it was a conceptual work based on the story of Pandora’s box, marking a total change in aesthetics in the HYBE idol to a much darker, existentialist and rebellious one.

In some of his promotional photos, J-Hope wore a jester outfit that fit perfectly with the whole concept, while Yugyeom also wore a jester outfit with a similar aesthetic to that of the BTS member, and some even claim that the GOT7 member’s team also used the same font for the cover.

Of course, AHGASE, the GOT7 fandom, did not hesitate to defend their favorite, claiming that they are completely different concepts and that J-Hope is not the first to wear a jester hat, with some netizens even campaigning to leave comments in support of Yugyeom on his new album.