(G)I-DLE is set to make a comeback with a full-length album

(G)I-DLE is set to make a comeback with a full-length album

(G)I-DLE has one of the most prominent careers in the Kpop industry because of their uniqueness at every release, and their undeniable talent. After a couple of months of silence, the girls are ready to make their comeback with a full-length album.

News1 was the one to give (G)I-DLE’s fans, better known as Neverland, the great news. On December 1 it was reported that the girl band is making their comeback with a new album in January 2024.

Immediately, the girl’s music agency, Cube Entertainment, shared a short statement confirming the girls are preparing for a comeback to release their new full length album in the first month of next year.

There’s no doubt both Neverland and K-Netizens are thrilled for this (G)I-DLE new music project after their latest release, approximately eight months ago. The project was titled, “I feel.” How do you think this new album is going to sound like? Let us know in the comments below.