(G)I-DLE gear up for a special performance video for “Super Lady”

(G)I-DLE gear up for a special performance video for “Super Lady”

(G)I-DLE put the world at stake after they released their first single, “Wife,” from their upcoming album, “2”. The girl group became one of the most talked about topics this week, and they are heading for a second consecutive week, as (G)I-DLE is preparing something exceptional for “Super Lady.”

On January 27, (G)I-DLE confidently posted on their official social media accounts a new teaser poster featuring the girls on stage along with the “2” song title, “Super Lady.” The hyping atmosphere seems to increase as the album’s date release is coming closer. The girls’ fans, better known as Neverland, cannot wait until January 29.

In addition, the girls have been working so hard on this upcoming album with a heavy rollout, and even already started teasing their new music video for “Super Lady.” Despite having numerous concerns about Yuqi and Minnie’s health status, the girls are going to deliver everything.

One of the most awaited comebacks in the Kpop industry is happening right now. It is expected that (G)I-DLE will keep promoting their new era in South Korean music shows, such as “Inkigayo” and “Music Bank.” While you wait, you can watch the “Super Lady” teaser below and let us know in the comments if you’re ready for this amazing album.

(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Super Lady' M/V Teaser 2