G-Dragon makes public statement regarding drug use allegations

G-Dragon makes public statement regarding drug use allegations

K-Pop singer G-Dragon was booked on October 25th under drug-related charges for the second time. Since then, many internet users and some media have linked him to the case of Lee Sun Gyun, but the police have clarified, “This is a separate case that has nothing to do with the actor“.

For its part, the agency YG Entertainment did not want to give opinions and shared, “Currently, G-Dragon is not an artist belonging to our agency, so it is difficult for us to give an official answer“. Following this, the fans were worried because the Korean singer had not said anything about it.

However, on October 27th, Kwon Ji-yong’s legal representative, lawyer Kim Su Hyun, shared a public statement by her representative and the position he would take in response to the charges he faces: “I want to clarify that the news that has spread indiscriminately in the media is not based on facts“.

Therefore, she informed fans that “I would like to convey Kwon Ji Yong’s position through this medium“, which would be as follows: “I am Kwon Ji Yong. First of all, I haven’t used drugs. Furthermore, I would like to make it clear that the recent news about the ‘violation of drug control laws‘ is not related to me“.

As a member of the BIGBANG group, he also said that although he is completely innocent, “I will actively cooperate with the investigative agencies and seriously follow the investigation“, with the intention of clarifying the situation as soon as possible and that his fanatics are more calm.

On the other hand, the police responsible for the investigation related to G-Dragon said that “as this is an ongoing investigation, specific details cannot be revealed“. It is only to wait and see what direction it takes. It is also important to clarify that he is just under surveillance, but he was not arrested.