G-Dragon is set to release new music in the first half of next year

G-Dragon is set to release new music in the first half of next year

G-Dragon was on every South Korean media headline because of the huge drug-related scandal he was involved in last month. The idol lived a hell during the investigations, however, he was exempt from all charges and he is ready to start a new chapter in his life.

G-Dragon’s rumors about announcing new music soon come by the hand of the latest YG Entertainment statement. The artists and the music company have parted ways and, allegedly, the idol signed with Galaxy Corporation to release new music in the first quarter of the year.

There was no further surprise regarding new music because he announced he planned to come back in 2023, but the whole drug-related incident happened and left G-Dragon’s career in a tightrope. The idol is eager to start a new phase in his artistry and he surely is going to get inspiration from his experiences.

Despite there being no tentative date to release new music, G-Dragon has been consistently working on new music, and he is motivated to return to the Kpop scene as soon as possible. This would become his first solo album in over seven years since “Kwon Ji Yong” was released in 2017.

G-Dragon’s new album is reported to have a hyping energy, which surely will become a whole sensation in the South Korean market. Regarding the idol’s new agency, the artists are set to hold a press conference along with Galaxy Corporation on December 21, KST to discuss the idol’s latest months.