G-Dragon from BIGBANG has been booked for drug use

G-Dragon from BIGBANG has been booked for drug use

Rapper Kwon Ji-yong, known as G-Dragon, has become a trend in recent hours for being accused of consuming illegal substances. The singer-songwriter, who debuted in 2006 as the leader of the group BIGBANG, has disappointed many of his followers.

News1 was in charge of reporting through an exclusive report that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency booked the Korean singer for violating the Narcotics Control Law. So far, it is understood that the police forces collected information that validates the use of drugs by part of G-Dragon.

The police confirmed that this case is not related to the actor Lee Sun Kyun, who is also being investigated under the same charge, which is why he had to stop his activities and abandon the drama in which he would participate, all due to the strong accusations.


Because this is a case that is currently under investigation, we cannot reveal concrete details“, the police said about the K-Pop singer’s case; however, fans did not believe the news and asked the agency to give an official statement about what happened.

Later, YG Entertainment revealed to Xportsnews, “Currently, the rapper known as G-Dragon is not an artist of our agency, so it is difficult for us to give an official response“. They also shared that the exclusive contract that united them with the artist had ended last June.

Many followers and Internet users have shown their discontent with the rapper for the bad decisions he has made; however, others affirm that he is 35 years old and that he has the right to do whatever he pleases. The truth is that this accusation is really serious because it is an illegal matter.