From Suchwita teaser to RM becoming PR ambassador…Here’s y

From Suchwita teaser to RM becoming PR ambassador…Here’s y


As the South Korean septet nears its decade-long mark since their debut in 2023, the new Suchwita Episode 12 teaser promises yet another gratifying treat for the fans of the group. So far, Suga has invited a few BTS members on his web talk show. From the leader of the group, RM, to Jimin, he’s sat down with them respectively to discuss many pressing issues ranging from their debut talks to the hardships they’ve been met with along the way.

The show has always balanced their emotional conversations with lighthearted inside jokes that they’ve been sharing with each other even before their debut. However, there are still quite a few members of the group who haven’t graced the show yet. One of them is finally headed to the set on next week’s episode, and we assure you it’s going to be one you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Kim Seokjin, the eldest member of the K-pop septet, was the first member to commence his mandatory military service. The Moon singer has often sent out messages on his social media, but his presence deeply missed by the fans. So to quieten down those tears, the next episode of BTS Suga’s web series will welcome his “Hyung” (elder brother), also marking the upcoming special occasion of the group’s 10th anniversary on June 13, 2023.

The teaser further reveals how this video was basically shot four days before Jin enlisted in the military, and so he took this as his chance to make his last appearance on camera so that the fans could see him even when he was completing his official duties. Widely known as “Worldwide Handsome”, the singer also used to Suga’s roommate back when they all used to live in a dorm together. They came to be known as the self-proclaimed “eternal roommates” duo, and have since then held a special spot in their fans’ hearts.

There’s a possibility that the two may end up spilling their old roommate stories next week, but even more than that Jin will be seen speaking out candidly about how he felt being a member of the group before their debut. Suga can also be heard declaring how hard it was to get Jin on the show due to his hectic schedule. Moreover, he also pops the question if he would ever be willing to live with him again, and the older brother’s answer is one that brings a big smile to his smile, “If I had to live with someone, then I’d choose you”.

Within a few minutes of the teaser dropping on YouTube, the BTS ARMY took to Twitter as expected and expressed their emotional breakdown upon finally seeing Jin on camera again. Here’s how they responded to the video.

Only a few days before the 10th BTS Anniversary, the bandmates will be seen on Suchwita Episode 12. Catch them sharing their heartwarming memories on camera on June 10, 2023.

‘Light’ TAKE TWO

Also, Bighit shared new launch ‘Light’ from Take Two.

On Wednesday, May 31, K-pop supergroup BTS announced they will be releasing a song as a whole group, titled Take Two. Today, on June 2, BTS shared a post regarding the song’s release, ahead of their 10-year anniversary.

K-pop juggernauts, BTS are ready to come up with a new single, Take Two, on June 9, ahead of their 10th anniversary, as confirmed by their music label BigHit Music.

Today, on June 2, the label shared a picture and fans cannot keep calm. The post was captioned with, “A Piece of ‘Take Two’ – RM LIGHT Digital Single ‘Take Two’ 2023. 6. 9. 1PM KST Release (sic).”


BTS leader RM has been officially appointed as the public relations ambassador for the Ministry of National Defense in South Korea. He will be representing the ministry’s Killed in Action Recovery & Identification organisation, aka MAKRI. The official pictures from the appointment ceremony have surfaced online.

At the event, Kim Namjoon looked dapper in his suited avatar. BTS’ agency BigHit Music announced the news of RM’s new achievement on Thursday.

During the RM delivered a speech. As per translation by Twitter user @@Nousseiba09, the BTS member said, “Hello, I am RM of BTS. Firstly, it is truly an honour to be in the presence of such estimable guests at the Ministry of Defense’s Excavation Team and become the Ambassador of Promotion. This is the 10yr anniversary of BTS’s debut. In the past 10yrs, we have shared a variety of messages through different songs and campaigns. However, we thought at great length on what ways we could return the love given to us by our fans and by the citizens of Korea.

The start of this was the interest in the work that I could do, as someone who loves Korea & Korean culture and is seen as a representative of Korea. As I visited museums & galleries, I raised awareness of Korean artworks & paintings and this was one way I could do this work. I sincerely believe it is due to the countless people who worked tirelessly in their roles until this land, which was ravaged by such times as the Korean War, could transform so beautifully, that I and BTS could dare stand here in 2023. I feel profound gratitude and respect,” he also added.

Reacting to RM’s new role, proud fans aka BTS ARMY extended their love and support on Twitter. One of them wrote, “I’m in tears. I am so proud of him.” “This ambassadorship suits him so well. RM is articulate and knowledgeable. I m incredibly proud of him and not surprised at all that he was offered this mission. BTS continues to make their fans so proud, the way they conduct themselves is (love emoji),” added another one. One more tweeted, “I just have a feeling Joon is going to run for president in the future, like I see it for him.”

Killed in Action Recovery & Identification organisation looks after the remains of war heroes from the Korean War to return to their respective families. As their public relations ambassador, RM will be responsible for the promotion of the organisation and its work.