Former 2NE1 member spills the tea about kpop rivalries in the 2010s

Former 2NE1 member spills the tea about kpop rivalries in the 2010s

Throwback to the 2010s: former 2NE1 member Sandara Park, and former TVXQ member Kim Jaejoong have spilled that flipping hot tea about the rivalries their companies, SM and YG Entertainment respectively, had back in the second-gen of Kpop – and boy did they have some hard feelings for each other!

For context, the Kpop world has been majorly ruled by these three big ones – SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, with HYBE joining the bunch after its main group, BTS, became a global phenomenon.

Anyway, back in the early two thousands and the 2010s these companies had some beefs going on and Sandara Pak of 2NE1, as well as Kim Jaejoong of TVXQ left that really clear!

Now get this fact: the beef was mostly between the three mega-companies, all wanting that #1 crown, and this heat and rivalry infected the idols themselves as if some kind of virus! Are you ready for that trip down memory lane? Sandara Park and Kim Jaejoong basically spilled that tea about how the intense race for the crown felt among the artists on these huge labels.

The former idols dived into the deets of this agency drama on a recent episode of JaeFriends. First, Jaejoong confessed idols from different companies couldn’t be friends. Then, Sandara jumped in, spilling that Kpop groups even had to be careful about saying “hi” to each other.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also confessed that there was some icy tension between her group, 2NE1, and another big girl gang at the time, Girls’ Generation. Talk about drama!

Our 2NE1 girl also said that fandoms were wild on a different level back in the second Kpop gen. Stans were super intense and hardcore, so the vibes she would feel were pretty insane! The reason? Every time 2NE1 hit the same stage in music shows or events where groups from rival agencies were, she could feel the tension in the air!

But times have changed by now, right? What do you think about this tea our idols spilled?

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