Find out the 4 steps of BLACKPINK’s skincare routine

Find out the 4 steps of BLACKPINK’s skincare routine

Amid the growing popularity of Korean culture, the skincare methods they apply in this country have attracted the attention of many in the rest of the world who want to know more about how their citizens keep such radiant and healthy faces and apply them.

Among the great names in the Korean entertainment industry, some of the most praised are the members of BLACKPINK for having incredible skin despite living constantly busy with tight schedules, so in this note, we share 4 steps of their skincare routine.

1. Deep cleaning: It is well known that continuous and deep cleaning of the skin at all times is important, even before sleeping. So girls usually use a soft but effective cleaner to remove excess oils, dirt from the environment, and even, sometimes, makeup.

2. Hydration: Maintaining hydrated skin helps the skin show its natural shine and makes the person look younger. Besides that, in Korean routines, they often focus on taking care of the glowy effect of the dermis, so they should use creams that give them hydration for the day and the night.

3. Sunscream: This is an indispensable step in your daily routine, as it allows you to protect your skin from sun spots and wrinkles at an early age. No matter the climate, this must be applied with consistency, and the idols have it always in mind.

4. Light makeup: In the case of people who use makeup every day, it is preferable to use light products that allow your skin to breathe and do not obstruct the pores. For this reason, the members of the girlgroup usually use BB cream or CC cream as a base and other products, such as rubor, in liquid form.

For their part, the most important of these skincare steps is that they are constant and with the right products for your skin type, so that the positive changes can be seen soon.