Final Destination 6 producer teases a tattoo / piercing parlor scene

Final Destination 6 producer teases a tattoo / piercing parlor scene

Final Destination franchise producer Craig Perry teases that one sequence in Final Destination 6 is set in a tattoo / piercing parlor

Twelve years have gone by since the last time a new Final Destination movie was released – which is way too long without a new entry in an awesome franchise that had a nice “one every three years” pattern going on for a while. Thankfully, Final Destination 6 is in the works. Last September, it was announced that the film will be directed by the duo of Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, who previously directed the 2018 film Freaks (starring Emile Hirsch and Bruce Dern) and the 2019 live-action Kim Possible movie. Now it has come to our attention that Final Destination franchise producer Craig Perry has teased that a standout death sequence in the film will be set in a tattoo / piercing parlor!

Jon Watts, director of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, is producing Final Destination 6 with Dianne McGunigle, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, and Perry. Lori Evans Taylor is writing the script with Guy Busick, co-writer of the new Scream movies, and they’re working from a story and treatment that was written by Watts. Plot details are being kept under wraps, but The Hollywood Reporter assured that “the core concept remains”: A character has a premonition of a horrific and deadly event, cheats his or her own death, and saves several other lives in the process, only to have Death, as a personified but unstoppable force, come for the survivors one by one.

The director announcement was the last bit of solid news we heard about Final Destination 6, but during an interview with CineBinge on YouTube, Perry said, “The take-home value of Final Destination is that it kind of ruins whatever you try to do. Going to the dentist, going to get your haircut. If it works out, there will be a lovely tattoo and piercing parlor sequence in Final Destination 6 that will really, really (get to viewers).

During the interview, Perry also revealed that the acupuncture death scene in Final Destination 5 was originally supposed to feature the character getting an explosive colonic, but New Line Cinema wouldn’t let them film that.

Are you looking forward to Final Destination 6, and are you intrigued to hear that it’s going to have a sequence set in a tattoo / piercing parlor? Let us know by leaving a comment below.