Felix of Stray Kids and Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN are in dating rumors

Felix of Stray Kids and Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN are in dating rumors

Stray Kids’ Felix and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan are two of the most popular idols in the K-pop industry and they have undoubtedly surprised with the dating rumors that have started to surround them during the last hours of January 16, 2024.

It all started when last January 14 Path social event was held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza in Japan, the ceremony was attended by the members of Stray Kids, including Felix, and of course thousands of STAYs and CARATs fans, to feel more united with their favorite artists.

When someone from the audience asked Felix which SEVENTEEN member he felt more united with, the MANIAC performer didn’t hesitate to name Seungkwan with a lot of emotion, causing a great euphoria in the audience.

Of course, it was not only in public that this happened, as on social media the fans completely collapsed and a select group started rumors that the two idols are dating, generating an intense debate regarding the situation, although others disagreed with the statements of the netizens.

At the moment, none of the artists’ agencies have made any statement on the matter, and neither have the boys said anything. Although rumors of a love relationship are simmering, it is also likely that the boys share a charming friendship.