Fans are loving the artistic concept Red Velvet has for their new era

Fans are loving the artistic concept Red Velvet has for their new era

Hey, Red Velvet lovers! Get ready, because our fab Red Velvet girls are getting ready to drop “Chill Kill,” which will be the main single from their studio album “What A Chill Kill.” For this comeback, our 5 Kpop queens have been serving some serious visuals with a sprinkle of artistic genius.

As a result, Netizens are going completely wild, because, let’s face it: every concept Red Velvet rocks with is nothing short of legendary and super easy to vibe with. Need proof? Well, on October 27th, Red Velvet unveiled a fresh batch of snaps that scream SLAY!

These pics are currently teasing the start of Red Velvet’s new era, and Kpop stans are totally convinced they’re simply rocking this concept. The most hardcore stans even were able to get all the references, like the tiger, which screamed modern Korea vibes and gave off major “Handmaiden” and “Thirst” movie flashbacks. They also praised the person who snapped the photos and were all in their feelings about Red Velvet, like the concept queens they are.

Currently, the ReVeluv crew (yes, that’s the name of the Red Velvet fandom) is on high alert. The detectives in the fan base are soaking up every little detail and teaser to get all that tea about the references our queens use. Basically, every single “Chill Kill” post? It’s like dropping a pop bomb on the internet – BOOM!

In case you need a reminder, let’s get you caught up: this album? A HUGE DEAL! It’s going to be the grand comeback of these Kpop queens after a bit of a bit of a break. So, mark your calendars and set your alarms because Red Velvet’s new single and album will be dropping on November 13th this year.