EVNNE has earned their first win with “UGLY” on “Show Champion”

EVNNE has earned their first win with “UGLY” on “Show Champion”

The South Korean music programs circuit is one of the most awaited events in the country during the weekdays. The K-Netizens can have a great time by enjoying their favorite idols performing and watching who’s going to take the award home, this week, it was really special as EVNNE earned their first win on “Show Champion.”

The boys have worked hard with their latest song, “UGLY,” and they finally have received the recognition they deserve. In addition to winning this marvelous award, they also performed the song with enthusiasm, making the crowd go wild.

On January 31, “Show Champion” broadcast their latest episode with performances by NMIXX, DXMON, ALL(H)OURS, Gyubin, Geenius, Ryu Jihyun, CIX, and TripleS Aria, among others. As the show was ending, the hyping atmosphere increased because of the winner’s announcement.

In this week’s episode the candidates for first place were, CIX’s “Lovers or Enemies,” NMIXX’s “DASH,” RIIZE’s “Love 119,” TWS’ “Plot Twist,” and EVNNE’s “UGLY.” EVNNE emerged victorious and ended NMIXX’s strike in every South Korean with their smash hit, congratulations to EVNNE. You can watch the winner’s announcement below:

[240131] Evnne - Ugly win on Show Champion #evnne #ugly #showchampion