Ever dreamed about Jimin of BTS as a Marvel superhero? AI made it possible!

Ever dreamed about Jimin of BTS as a Marvel superhero? AI made it possible!

Have you ever thought about what Jimin of BTS would like as a Marvel superhero? well, think no more, because AI just turned that fantasy into reality! Thanks to some dedicated fans of our Kpop king (shoutout to ARMY) the idol has finally had the ultimate Marvel transformation.

Spoiler alert: the outcome of this artificial intelligence experience with the BTS member is straight-up fire! He was reimagined as Spider-man, and oh boy, he does rock the look! If that wasn’t enough for you, these genius ARMY members also crafted an original superhero, an exclusive Jimin AI-made one. Are any names popping on your head? we certainly want to hear them.

Jimin meets Spider-man! 

This re-imagination comes at a perfect time, as it has been a few months since we last had any Jimin content to graciously bless our eyes. The last time he did was with his debut EP “Face,” which spawned the smash hits “Set Me Free Pt.2″ and “Like Crazy,” earlier this year (specifically in March). While we did bopped to these addictive tunes, some AI magic to have a new perspective on our idol is always welcome.

Also, in this Jimin alternate Marvel universe, he seems to have an an uncanny resemblance to a real-life member of “Knights of the Zodiac,” who are better know for being part of the “Saint Seiya” franchise. The results are truly jaw-dropping and ARMY is totally here for this AI-assisted masterpiece.

So what’s your take, are you vibing with BTS’s Jimin as a Marvel superhero? Let us know in the comments below.