ENHYPEN’s Sunoo and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi are in dating rumors

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi are in dating rumors

A close interaction between Hoshi of SEVENTEEN and Sunoo of ENHYPEN has created rumors that the HYBE idols are in a romantic relationship, the rumor has completely delighted fans, who took to social media to express their happiness, although others did not like it at all.

It all started during the Golden Disc Awards this January 06, 2023, both boys were in Jakarta attending the final ceremony with their respective groups, both bands won major awards that night, as well as gave energetic performances that completely enchanted.

But the interaction of Hoshi and Sunoo began as SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi sat next to ENHYPEN’s Sunoo, Jungwon and Heeseung, talking at different times and laughing a lot. But Sunoo’s treatment towards Hoshi was very different, gaining attention for the extreme care he took with Hoshi.

This is not the first time that the guys interact in this way, when ENHYPEN debuted and had special activities with other HYBE groups, Hoshi could always be seen very close to Sunoo giving him a special treatment that made the fans fall in love with him completely.

Are ENHYPEN’s Sunoo and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi really dating?

Well, the answer is not known, as they may also be close friends, plus it is not known about the sexual preferences of both idols, although the rumor is now on the rise with this latest interaction the boys had at the awards. What is certain is that Sunoo and Hoshi have a very special bond and when they are together they have a great time.