ENHYPEN drops hints of their new comeback and fans are crazy about it

ENHYPEN drops hints of their new comeback and fans are crazy about it

ENGENE, it’s time to get ready! The ENHYPEN boys are getting ready to come back – and we can’t wait. Now, there’s a reason behind all this hype we’re feeling: our boys had us playing their most recent single, “Bite Me” on repeat a few months ago. This bop came from their previous EP “DARK BLOOD,” but now that blood is changing color!

Changing color? That’s right, ENHYPEN wants us to get into that “ORANGE BLOOD,” which was officially confirmed to be their 5th mini-album. Now, get this fact: if you are thirsty for some ENHYPEN magic, then it’s your lucky day because pre-orders are already open, so you can sport that mini-album on your shelves ASAP.

To get the hype going, the boys have started teasing their new comeback with a spectacular logo trailer – and we can’t get enough of it. In the short clip, you’ll be able to see some beautiful shots along with a phrase that says “You and I are connected through blood,” which definitely points out ENHYPEN’s enigmatic concept.

Also, we got the chance to see the different versions of the mini-album will come in: first, we got one that comes in that beautiful orange-colored palette, but there’s also one more in gray with some orange splashes. It was named “ENGENE Version” and you can purchase a random one or get the set with both.

Now, it’s time to mark your calendars. ENHYPEN will be releasing this gem on November 17 at 2 p.m. South Korean time. Sadly, the guys haven’t dropped any hints about the title track or singles that the mini-album will include, but stay tuned, and we will let you know the tea as soon as it is spilled!

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