DXMON releases an enigmatic highlight medley teaser video

DXMON releases an enigmatic highlight medley teaser video

DXMON surprised the world with their first single, “Burn Up” on January 2024. The song served as an introduction of the group to the world, making a clear statement that their style is unique from other idols, and now, they are ready to cause a buzz with a medley teaser video.

The boys continue to bring enigmatic and mysterious releases as SSQ Entertainment unveils a highlight medley teaser video. The six members Minjae, Seyta, Hee, TK, Rex, and Jo accomplished their task, as they caused a major impact on the general public.

Numerous netizens around the world highlighted that their name is reflected everywhere in the medley teaser video, as they are set to achieve their destiny. The title track, “Spark” is the one that has sparked emotions because the rising fans want to know what they are going to deliver this time.

DXMON’s debut album, “HYPERSPACE” is going to have a great rollout, as a schedule was released to celebrate this upcoming album. “HYPERSPACE” is set to be released on January 17, and surely is going to be fully charged with a unique and mysterious atmosphere. You can watch the medley teaser video below:

DXMON (다이몬) 1st Mini Album 'HYPER SPACE' Highlight Medley