Disney+ plans to dethrone Netflix and increases investment in K-dramas

Disney+ plans to dethrone Netflix and increases investment in K-dramas

Disney+ plans to capitalize on the great success of the South Korean original series “Moving” and increase investment in the production of K-drama content, to reach a wider audience and thus dethrone Netflix as the most popular streaming platform in this genre.

Based on the digital comic book of the same name by Kang Full, “Moving” tells the story of a group of super-powered individuals who hide their true abilities from the world in order to protect their families from danger. The series premiered on August 9th and has already completed its final three episodes.

Disney+, the flagship streaming service of U.S. media giant Walt Disney Co. said that “Moving” has become the most-watched show on its platform in the Asia-Pacific region, and also topped the global chart on Disney+ and Hulu in the United States in the first week of its premiere.

Walt Disney Company Korea CEO Kim So Yeon said at a press conference that “Moving” is the most successful South Korean original content since Disney+ launched its service. So Yeon said it provided Disney+ with a critical turning point, in terms of business and content production, paving the way to move to the next level, adding that it was a significant work.

She also denied rumors of Disney’s withdrawal from K-drama production and highlighted the growth potential of the Asian market. She also stated that South Korean original content is not only important in South Korea but also in the global market.

She emphasized that they will continue to produce and continue to increase investment. To retain new subscribers, Disney+ plans to launch new k-dramas by the end of the year, the police action drama “The Worst of Evil,” the dark hero series “Vigilante,” the romantic drama “Soundtrack #2” and a documentary series about the K-pop sensation, “BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star.

Undoubtedly Disney+ is making great efforts to take control in the Asian market and dethrone Netflix once and for all as the ideal streaming platform for watching K-dramas and K-pop content. You