Disappointing news about a 2nd season of ‘King the Land’

Disappointing news about a 2nd season of ‘King the Land’

King The Land would have been here to stay, as people have quickly shown the great love they have for the series, as more than once, people and press have shown all the interest they have to follow this story closely and can’t wait to see more.

When King the Land came out, all the people found a new story that people quickly fell in love with and it became one of the most watched productions within the Netflix streaming platform, making people show more interest to see what was next and they would already be waiting for a second season, but unfortunately, there would be bad news regarding this.

Disappointing news about a 2nd season of ‘King the Land’.

After 16 episodes of King The Land, which have received affection from a large number of Korean drama fans, fans have not received good news about a possible second season.

Thanks to the more than 65 million hours of views of the first season, fans were hoping that Netflix would soon plan a second season.

Unfortunately, this would not be as they would be expecting, as fans would not get the best news they wanted to expect, even it is not even known if the series will be able to continue, but people are still waiting for a positive news.

From the entertainment agency representing Lee Jun-ho, who revealed plans to continue working with Netflix, but on a new superhero production called Cashero. Let’s also remember that many people in the cast currently have a very busy schedule that could limit their time to continue with a new season.