Did TWICE’s Sana and Jihyo share a passionate kiss on stage?

Did TWICE’s Sana and Jihyo share a passionate kiss on stage?

Two members of the famous girl group TWICE, Sana and Jihyo, turn on the networks after a controversial demonstration of love by sharing a passionate kiss in the middle of their performance on stage, making their fans shocked.

In recent days, the girl group made an incredible presentation at the Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City, filling the place on February 2nd and 3rd with their fans, a great vibe, and good music in their first concert in the American country.

However, the most outstanding thing was the alleged kiss the members shared, which from the most viral video on networks looks completely real, as it can be seen Jihyo crouched posing in front of a camera when her Sana approaches her.

When Sana crouched long side her member, she brought her face and lips closer to Jihyo, and she followed the action, then they separated with surprise expressions. Later, another point of view of the moment was shared, where it was observed that the girls never touched each other’s lips.

Although some fans felt disappointed at the revelation of the kiss, others expected it. K-Pop idols do not usually do this kind of act in front of cameras, but with this, they really became a trending topic on social networks.