Danielle of NewJeans shares cute vlog of her trip to Australia

Danielle of NewJeans shares cute vlog of her trip to Australia

NewJeans has totally rocked this year with their 2nd EP “Get Up.” Super Shy became a smash hit, and let’s not talk about their previous singles “Ditto” and “OMG,” which have earned them big awards both in South Korean shows and international ceremonies. But hey! Not everything has to do with performing and dominating the charts. That’s why Danielle of NewJeans recently shared a vlog, showing all the deets about her trip to Australia.

Now, in case you didn’t know, Dani is half-Australian from her dad’s side, so it only makes sense to see her traveling down to Oceania to visit her family. In the vlog, the “Part of Your World” singer shared some of the cutest and heart-warming moments of her seeing her relatives after a long time, taking a walk through the city, and eating crêpes with her dad.

And that was exactly the part that Bunnies (that’s the name NewJeans fans wear proudly) loved the most. In the video, Dani captured some of the cutest moments with her dad, who asked her if her “gut” was going to take some nice big crêpes. The “OMG” superstar quickly replied, “Yes! You will, I will” she said in the cutest baby tone ever.

Catch the video here:

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