Damage Control Presents Marvel’s Uncommon New Protagonist

Damage Control Presents Marvel's Uncommon New Protagonist

Gus, the main sign of Marvel’s new Damage Control series, is actually simply a typical office man attempting to create a dollar in a globe filled with superheroes.

Damage Control carries a new sign towards the forefront of the Marvel world — an absolutely routine office employee called Gus that just occurs to become utilized at a remarkable company.

A sneak peek for Damage Control #1, composed through Adam F. Goldberg as well as Hans Rodionoff as well as penciled through Will certainly Robson, reveals Gus speaking along with his associate Bart at a coffeehouse. Bart notifies him that Damage Control was actually at first created to become “type of a pietistic clean-up team that focused on fixing residential or commercial home damage triggered by superhuman disputes,” as well as has actually because developed right in to a “shared endeavor in between Plain Limitless as well as the Unified Conditions federal authorities.” Rather than simply tidying up wreck, Damage Control currently focuses on retrieving as well as keeping unique products recuperated coming from fight scenes.

All of this preference unsupported claims mostly goes over Gus’
, however. The mild-mannered income guy states that he truly just authorized as much as belong of Damage Control due to a notification he jumped on LinkedIn. After Bart leads Gus towards the organization’s trick head office in the Flatiron Structure, Gus almost chokes on his morning meal muffin as he views a wide range of superpowered creatures, coming from Scarlet Witch towards Howard the Duck, status prior to him.

Exactly just what Is actually Damage Control?

Damage Control very initial shown up in 1988’s Marvel Grow older Yearly #4. Produced through Dwayne McDuffie as a car for informing sitcom-style tales in the Marvel world, the company included in a 1989 series of the exact very same label that competed 4 problems. Various other restricted series will comply with, as well as Gus — that authors Goldberg as well as Rodionoff have actually compared with Andy Bernard coming from The Office — celebrities in the 4th reserve towards birth the Damage Control label.

“Gus is actually our method right in to the globe of Damage Control, as well as he’s going to become our direct right in to areas of the company that we’ve never ever viewed prior to,” Rodionoff informed CBR. “What’s truly interesting around this series is actually that it is mosting likely to present an entire new age group towards the marvels of Damage Control. We’ve viewed the top-level tactical representatives that communicate along with Peter Parker as well as Kamala Khan, however that is just 1% of the labor force. The majority of individuals at Damage Control do not use tactical equipment or even bring tools. They complete types in triplicate as well as go difficult on the weekend breaks.”

Damage Control #1 originates from Goldberg, Rodionoff, Robson, colorist Ruth Redmond as well as letterer Clayton Cowles. The problem takes place purchase Aug. 24 coming from Marvel.