D.O. waves goodbye to SM Entertainment, is he out of EXO too?

D.O. waves goodbye to SM Entertainment, is he out of EXO too?

EXO-Ls, brace yourselves! Our beloved Doh Kyungsoo, better known as D.O. of EXO, has decided to start his new solo adventures and waved goodbye to his long-time agency, SM Entertainment. Following the confirmation of his leaving, fans are totally shook! They’re wondering if D.O. will continue to be an EXO member or if he’s out of SM for good.

For context, it would not be the first time an SM Entertainment idol decided to leave the company to work on their solo magic. Yet, some of them have still remained in the group that made them rise into stardom. Need proof? Names like Tifanny Young or Seohyun of Girls’ Generation might be familiar!

But, is this the case for D.O. of EXO? Well, get ready for this flipping hot tea: He’s not saying goodbye to EXO! Basically, our vocal king decided to create a fresh new label, named “SooSoo,” for his solo projects only, but he will continue to be an EXO member.

And here’s the juicy part: this agency is co-founded by D.O. himself alongside his long-time manager Nam Kyung-soo. This is definitely a major boss move! So, EXO-Ls, there’s no time for tears, because D.O. is staying in EXO. This was confirmed by SM Entertainment in an official statement. The South Korean company said:

“Following thorough discussions with D.O it has been decided that he will continue his EXO activities with SM, but will proceed with his acting and individual activities through the newly established agency.”

Following the confirmation of this news, EXO stans felt totally relieved that their idol was able to get a deal where he gets to work on his own thing, but still gets to stay in his boy band. They’ve definitely been showing mad love and sending the best vibes to D.O.’s new chapter as a solo artist.

For the uninitiated, D.O debuted as one of EXO’s main vocalists in April 2012 and captured the hearts of fans all over the globe! He currently has two mini-albums, “Empathy” and “Expectation,” which was dropped in September this year. His latest album with EXO, titled “EXIST” has been on blast for the last few months in our speakers!

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