Choi Sooyoung Confesses Being actually Fan of ‘If You Wish Upon Me’ Co-Star Ji Chang Wook

Choi Sooyoung Confesses Being actually Fan of ‘If You Wish Upon Me' Co-Star Ji Chang Wook

Girls’ Age group participant as well as starlet Choi Sooyoung discussed her expertise dealing with Ji Chang Wook as well as confessed she’s a fan of the K-drama heartthrob.

In front of its own best on August 10, the “If You Wish Upon Me” designate collected as well as spoken about their collection as well as team effort on set.

Choi Sooyoung is actually Big Fan of Ji Chang Wook

Throughout the designate members’ current speak with, Ji Chang Wook discussed his expertise dealing with idol-actress Choi Sooyoung. Inning accordance with him, he possessed great deals of enjoyable filming the drama due to her, that revealed her bubbly edge that provided power towards everybody on the set.

In reaction towards him, Sooyoung stated, “I have actually constantly been actually a (big) fan of Ji Chang Wook, therefore I obtained extremely thrilled towards deal with him.”

The “Team 38” starlet included that Ji Chang Wook is actually the very best companion she ever before dealt with.

She applauded her co-star through exposing his genuine character on set. The star included that Ji Chang Wook is actually extremely comprehending as well as helpful of her whenever she improvised scenes along with him.

‘If You Wish Upon Me’ Supervisor Allotments Chemistry of Stars on Set

Brand-brand new increasing celebrity Won Ji An, that created her look in Netflix’s “DP” together with Jung Hae In, is actually also component of the designate. The novice starlet discussed that Ji Chang Wook assisted her a great deal while filming the drama. He provided her heartfelt guidance everytime she was actually having a hard time.

Supervisor Kim Yong Wan also obtained genuine as well as subjected the environment on set as well as the chemistry of the stars. He revealed his love for the stars that revealed their genuineness towards one another off webcamera and on.

He also applauded professional actor Sung Dong Il for constantly looking after those about him.

Prior to the speak with wrapped up, a manufacturing staff member discussed a brief remark about the soon-to-release drama “If You Wish Upon Me.”

The personnel explained the collection, which will certainly comply with the tale of youths that wish towards leave coming from melancholy as well as begin on a trip full of really wish and joy. The manufacturing group chances that the heartwarming tales of each character will certainly resonate along with viewers.

Capture the long-awaited best of Ji Chang Wook as well as Choi Sooyoung’s drama “If You Wish Upon Me” on August 10 at 9:fifty p.m. (KST) on KBS.