Check out TXT setting up the VMAs 2023 stage on fire and get an important award

Check out TXT setting up the VMAs 2023 stage on fire and get an important award

The MTV Video Music Awards 2023 had the Kpop juggernaut TXT on their list as guests and performers. The award show took place yesterday, September 12 and today we will be revisiting some of the best moments and performances from the ceremony, including the 5-piece boy group TXT.

The South Korean group is currently putting all their efforts into their Western crossover. They had previously collaborated with the Jonas Brothers for their catchy song “Do It Like That,” and now TXT and Anitta are literally “Back for More” on the MTV Video Music Awards 2023 stage.

The performance began with some impressive dance moves by TXT member Beomgyu. The idol used dazzling special effects on stage to look as if he was dancing on water, under the rain. A few seconds later, he was joined by the rest of his members Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai, and Taehyun to complete the performance intro in a very Michael Jackson-coded dancing routine.

After this, the “Sugar Rush Ride” idols began singing “Back for More,” which draws a lot of inspiration from 80s pop music and even has some Brazilian vibes in the song. You wonder why? well, it turns out that Brazilian singer, Anitta, joined the boyband and danced and sang alongside them.

This surprising collaboration saw both South Korean and Brazilian forces unexpectedly joining to make one of the catchiest songs this season. Anitta and TXT certainly set the stage ablaze with “Back for More,” which is going to be officially released on September 15 so feel free to pre-release it and pre-save it now!

Apart from showcasing their dancing and singing abilities, TXT also won the award for “Best Push Performance,” thanks to “Sugar Rush Ride.” This award is fan-voted and is given to relatively new acts that have been promoted by the “MTV Push” segment in the channel.

TXT feat. Anitta - "Back For More" | 2023 VMAs