Chanel reacts to a drug scandal involving its official ambassador, G-Dragon

Chanel reacts to a drug scandal involving its official ambassador, G-Dragon

Korean singer G-Dragon was filed on October 25th by the Metropolitan Police Agency of Incheon for violating the Drug Control Act; however, he is only being investigated and has not been arrested at the moment. This fact has gone viral on social networks among Internet users.

On October 26th, due to the relevance of the matter, the prestigious fashion brand Chanel shared with the Korean media Ilgan Sports its opinion regarding the situation that the idol goes through. This was even the first to be declared in relation to the controversy surrounding the idol.

We are aware of the situation with regard to our ambassador, G-Dragon. However, we have no position to take at the moment“, declares the French fashion house about the singer, who, since 2016, to the present day, is the official global ambassador of the company.

Internet users subsequently increased the rumors about drug use by sharing a video of the idol on the way to the Chanel 2023/24 show, as the leader of the BIGBANG group showed a very weird attitude and made unusual movements, attracting the attention of viewers.

For his part, G-Dragon was responsible for discrediting all speculation in a statement: “This is Kwon Ji Yong; first of all, it is not true the accusation that I have used drugs. Moreover, I have nothing to do with the news of the violation of the Drug Control Act“.

However, the Korean explains, “As I know that many people are concerned, I will actively cooperate with the police investigations and will participate even more diligently“, in this way, you can prove your innocence and put an end to this deplorable situation.