Chandler Riggs to star in horror comedy

Chandler Riggs to star in horror comedy

Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead has signed on to star in the horror comedy Hacked, about a family facing off with a hacker

Chandler Riggs is best known for playing the character Carl Grimes on eight seasons of The Walking Dead, but he has a few horror credits beyond that one – the short Jesus H. Zombie, the Stephen King-inspired Mercy, and the home invasion film Keep Watching. Now Variety reports that Riggs has signed on to star in the horror comedy Hacked, which has secured a SAG Interim agreement so it will be able to go into production during the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike and is expected to start filming soon in Los Angeles and Tampa.

Shane Brady (Breathing Happy) will be directing the film, which is partially inspired by true events. Brady and producer Emily Zercher were hacked in 2021, and according to Variety “the first ten minutes of the film will be based on their experience. The rest of the film shows ‘what they wish they could have done to that bastard.”

Scripted by Brady, Hacked will tell the story of a family who loses everything to a prolific and elusive hacker, aptly named ‘The Chameleon.’ Parents Amy and Mark have $20,000 stolen, and their kids Ralph and Freddy get their entire digital lives hacked — social media, video game items, even their pointless online homework! When the bank, social media platforms, and law enforcement aren’t able to help, the family takes matters into their own hands. The children of the family, who have a passion for murder documentaries, are the only ones capable of taking on the hacker.

Riggs will be playing The Chameleon and Brady has reserved the role of Mark for himself. Augie Duke is playing Amy, with Owen Atlas and Collin Thompson as Ralph and Freddy. Also in the cast are Brittney Escalante, Glenn Stanton, Elyssa Kim, and Hugh Scott, who is said to be playing a “smug, smooth talking narcissist”.

Riggs had this to say about the project: “This is such a fun story that I can’t wait to be a part of. Shane and his whole team have been so great to work with so far, and I absolutely love indie films like this one. Can’t wait to get back to work!

Does Hacked sound interesting to you? Would you watch a movie where Chandler Riggs plays a hacker who, from the sounds of it, gets his comeuppance? Let us know by leaving a comment below.