Cardi B talks about BTS and confesses ‘I want to see them again’

Cardi B talks about BTS and confesses ‘I want to see them again’

Through an interview for the Weird Channel, the renowned rapper Cardi B says that a couple of years ago she did not know anything about K-Pop, but that currently she is very interested in the group BTS, with whom she coincided at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAS).

Cardi B backstage did not miss the opportunity to take a photo with all the members of the boyband, explaining that the boys are irresistible, “So, it’s like I want to see them again“, the rapper said about the members of the group, who they also expressed their respects to her.

She also shared that she loves the music they distribute because it is good, it has a choreography that makes you want to dance, she also confessed that her daughter is a fan of boys, “Now my daughter loves BTS and I love that she listens to their music because it is very fun and kid-friendly“, Cardi said.

The also actress said that she hopes she will have the opportunity to see them again and be able to tell them “Hey! Do you know that my daughter loves you all? She loves you all, I swear“, making it clear once again that her daughter is a faithful fan of the renowned K-Pop group, which has earned the affection of the entire world.

Idols have positioned themselves very well in the market, and have achieved worldwide exposure, both famous artists and music consumers know BTS, which leaves the Korean music genre high, it is not even the first time that Cardi B spoke about them.

Some time ago, in an interview with the 31-year-old singer and songwriter for ‘Variety‘ magazine, she commented that she likes what they are doing in Korean pop and expressed what she thinks about BTS member by saying “I think they’re adorable“.

Do you think Cardi B and BTS will have a collaboration in the future?