‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode thirteen: Seo In Guk Confesses towards Oh Yeon Seo

'Cafe Minamdang' Episode thirteen: Seo In Guk Confesses towards Oh Yeon Seo

Amidst the stress as well as exhilarating trip of “Cafe Minamdang” Episode thirteen, Seo In Guk lastly confessed his sensations towards Oh Yeon Seo.

Nevertheless, as anticipated, it is certainly not constantly rainbows as well as butterflies in the minamdang team as they find much a lot extra about the serial his accomplice and awesome.

‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode thirteen: Nam Han Joon Unveils Real Sensations for Han Jae Hee

“Cafe Minamdang” Episode thirteen proceeds along with the culture where Gu Tae Soo sheds the RV where Lieutenant Han Jae Hee went to.

Fortunately, simply in the scar of your time, Nam Han Joon happened as well as was actually identified towards eliminate that they thought was actually the Gopuri man; nevertheless, he was actually placed in a difficult circumstance after Gu Tae Soo inquired him if he will remain to eliminate him or even conserve Han Jae Hee.

Obviously, he decided to conserve Han Jae Hee as well as allow Gu Tae Soo leave this time around. He had the ability to conserve Han Jae Hee, however he went subconscious because of the smoke.

At the medical facility, he instantly hugged the women policeman as well as revealed his joy viewing her vital. Right below, he discussed that he will satisfy his guarantee towards his friend; which is actually safeguarding his little bit of sibling.

Nevertheless, Jae Hee was actually stunned towards listen to Nam Han Joon’s admission. He informs her that he hesitates of shedding somebody he takes care of.

Additionally, he also inquired Han Jae Hee to become client as well as wait on him as he needs to take the Gopuri as well as inquire consent coming from her sibling that he will provide his “whole center” for Jae Hee, leaving behind her completely speechless.

Gu Tae Soo’s Past times
In “Cafe Minamdang” episode thirteen, it revealed the history of Gu Tae Soo that possessed a harsh youth at the palms of his alcoholic dad.

At some factor, his dad defeat him towards fatality however towards protect themself, the young Gu Tae Soo unintentionally eliminated his dad.

He wound up shedding your home as well as leaving behind the town; this is actually where he satisfies Auntie Im as well as a young young kid that does not appear towards treatment if Gu Tae Soo was actually a cursed one however describes him as his “magpie.”

However, the authorities, especially investigator Jang Doo Jin, lastly appreciated where he listened to the label Lim Yeong Ju, which was actually the genuine identification of Gu Tae Soo.

“He was actually the defendant in my first massacre situation,” he stated as well as revealed a picture of a young Tae his mom and Soo.

As the team proceeded the examination, they discovered that the well-known N.Joy Club is actually the place of their criminality, where cartel members got their returns.

Additionally, this is actually also where Gu Tae Soo offers medicines, which are actually described as “ruby.”

As the minamdang team tried towards penetrate the location, Nam Han Joon had the ability to available a risk-free which included the proof towards affix down the defendant. Sadly, Gu Tae Soo avoided Han Joon coming from acquiring the proof.