‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 16: Background Repeats On its own for Seo In Guk

'Cafe Minamdang' Episode 16: Background Repeats On its own for Seo In Guk

Audiences viewed unforeseeable scenes at “Coffee shop Minamdang” episode 16 as Seo In Guk, Oh Yeon Seo, et cetera of the team fall under the Gopuri’s strategy. Furthermore, the most recent episode included a backstory of the genuine offender as well as how he wound up being actually the mastermind responsible for the killings.

‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 16 Recap: A Appearance Rear at Cha Perform Won’s Youth

“Coffee shop Minamdang” Episode 16 begins along with Prosecutor Cha possessing a speak along with his longtime psychiatrist as well as talking about why there is a have to brainwash him as well as affix points on his more mature sibling, Cha Seung Won.

At a young grow older, their dad was actually stressed over Cha Perform Won’s assertive habits as well as looked for assist coming from a psychiatrist towards include his desire towards harmed somebody.

The young young kid went through a series of examinations under a psychiatrist. For their dad, they need to safeguard Perform Won because he views him as a feasible heir as well as certainly not Seung Won.

When it comes to the situation of Seung Won’s classmate, it was actually Cha Perform Won that eliminated him through providing him poison as well as wound up strangling him.

Using this, the psychiatrist needs to remove this part of him in his moment towards reside a typical lifestyle.

At today opportunity, the psychiatrist was actually ravaged towards listen to that Cha Perform Won has actually began murder once once more as well as believes that her “work of art” was actually a failing.

When it comes to Nam Han Joon as well as Han Jae Hee, that simply arranged a conference along with the psychiatrist, viewed his drab body system at his workplace as well as idea that the Gopuri lagged it.

Nam Han Joon Creates Offer Along with Auntie Im

“Coffee shop Minamdang” episode 16 showcased why Nan Han Joon wound up possessing a handle Auntie Im. It is actually since the women shaman possessed the submit that came from Han Jae Jeong.

Without speaking with the authorities, particularly Lieutenant Han Jae Hee, Nam Han Joon concurred to allow Auntie Im leave for one factor, towards have actually the submit that may include hints concerning the genuine offender.

At the police headquarters, Nam Han Joon set out his strategies as well as revealed towards Han Jae Hee along with his handle Auntie Im. It created Jae Hee angry as well as shook her rely on him.

Little performed they understand that every item of info is actually being actually provided through Prosecutor Cha towards Auntie Im as well as informed him that Nam Han Joon possessed a strategy towards palm her towards the authorities when he obtained the submit.

Using this, Auntie Im along with Prosecutor Cha as well as Gu Tae Soo, that escaped coming from the jail because of Perform Won, ready a strategy towards framework Nam Han Joon.

Nam Han Joon Obtains Captured Up in Acquainted Circumstance

In the final culture, Nam Han Joon as well as Han Jae Hee, together with Auntie Im as well as mosted likely to her holy place.

The women shaman revealed the duo the submit that comes from Prosecutor Han as well as guaranteed towards provide it in gain for her profile.

Nevertheless, after obtaining the money, Auntie Im secured Nam Han Joon as well as Han Jae Hee as well as was actually left behind subconscious.

Nam Han Joon woke up at Minamdang however viewed a drab Autie Im in a swimming pool of blood stream. To earn points even much worse, he is actually keeping the murder tool.

The authorities happened together with Prosecutor Cha, arresting him for murder.

At this moment, performs Nam Han Joon defendant Prosecutor Cha as the Gopuri?