BTS’s hiatus year has been the group’s best according to the US press

BTS’s hiatus year has been the group’s best according to the US press

When we found out that it was time for the BTS guys to go to the military service we all suffered, and we thought that with their absence we would have no more content or music, but we were more than wrong, since the presence of the boys of the band has been so strong that it seems that it has not been long since some of our favorite idols went to fulfill their duties with the government of Korea.

There are millions of BTS fans around the world and it has been thanks to them that their music is still alive, and not all the members are now in the service, as they are all at different ages, so they have been leaving us songs that we can’t avoid over and over again, indicating that all the members of this k-pop group are all stars.

BTS’s hiatus year has been the group’s best according to the US press.

Without a doubt, we can’t wait for the two years of military service to be over for everyone, and we are all very ready to see what more projects, music and productions they have in the future, because there are also new groups coming out that we must confess, we are becoming more than addicted to.

“Right now, BTS represents a new standard for K-pop and international acts at large,” said Jeff Benjamin, a writer specializing in K-pop for Billboard and other outlets. “Before BTS, there wasn’t this sort of consistently record-breaking career. More K-pop acts are hitting those traditional markers, but no one has been able to surpass what they’ve set forth.”

Two brand-new tracks, “Yet to Come (the Most Beautiful Moment)” and “Run BTS,” were added to the greatest-hits double-LP “Proof” last year, preparing fans for what was to come. The group promised unwavering loyalty in their sweet bro-down track “Take Two,” which they released in June. They sung the line “I am so grateful and happy to be with you/ Let’s continue to be happy in the future” in Korean. The first two episodes of BTS’s Disney+ documentary series “BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star” have already been made available. Six years after its release, the old single “Spring Day” has debuted at No. 1 on the global digital song sales chart.

The stars did not hesitate to give us a lot of content for this year, so let’s hope that 2024 will be even better. What do you think about it? Do you listen to BTS music? What is your favorite song?