BTS’ V saved a coffee franchise that could have gone into bankruptcy

BTS’ V saved a coffee franchise that could have gone into bankruptcy

Compose Coffee’ shops are more stable than ever after increasing no less than 12 million users in just 10 days after BTS’ V was announced as the official face of the franchise. Undoubtedly, they got the best deal in their history by signing Kim Taehyung.

Just by showing a few photos of V posing with the brand, it has achieved a huge increase in profits. On Christmas 2023, the BTS member was announced as the new official image of the brand, and since then, the franchise has become a global sensation with 12 million customers in just 10 days. In a statement released by the coffee brand itself, they said the following:

“We are truly delighted and happy to be able to collaborate with a global artist who is loved in every corner of the planet regardless of people’s gender or age. Entering the wave of the new generation of 21st century pop icons, we would like to introduce V from BTS. Compose Coffe with this new agreement expects exponential growth by 2024, this collaboration signifies a big step forward.”

And now the franchise is even in negotiations for a global expansion and opening new stores in different parts of the world, starting with Singapore. After the Starbucks company began to be rejected by several factors, new coffee shops have taken advantage of this and started to work.

V of BTS even saved this South Korean franchise by giving it much more stability and profits to be able to maintain itself over time in case they suffer any crisis, preventing it from entering a nasty bankruptcy. Undoubtedly the power of Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS currently has a great reach worldwide.