BTS’ V reveals the real reason why he cried uncontrollably during the MAMA Awards

BTS’ V reveals the real reason why he cried uncontrollably during the MAMA Awards

In recent days, V from BTS became a trend on social media for his long-awaited participation in his groupmate Suga‘s talk show, where the idol revealed the true reason behind crying inconsolably in the middle of the 2018 MAMA awards.

In the most recent episode ‘Suchwita‘ the guest was Taehyung, who had his fans very worried as he was the only member of the group who was missing to attend this program by the BTS rapper, where those present eat and drink while talking about different topics.

On this occasion, V decided to confess the emotional reason why he burst into tears at the 2018 MAMA Awards where the boys managed to take 5 awards with them for winning in those categories. This was due to an emotional speech given by Jin, the eldest of the members, with which he marked everyone with his sincere and moving words.

In the speech, Jin shared all the difficulties that the group had had in recent times, among these he mentioned a possible dissolution, a trigger for the feelings of his partner V who burst into tears upon hearing this word, stealing the attention of the ARMYs.


In the recent interview with his partner, the idol shared that “people don’t know what we were going through“, in addition to confessing the incredible physical and mental fatigue they were going through, which led him to compare himself with the other members of the group making himself feel like less.

In this way, V revealed that this crying was due to negativity and fatigue from his hard work and how this affected his mental health. However, currently each of the members of BTS are at the height of their careers enjoying the fruits of their efforts.

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