BTS’ V reveals his biggest disappointment in enlisting in the army

BTS’ V reveals his biggest disappointment in enlisting in the army

Na Yeon Seok was the talk of the town because he wanted to make a surprise birthday party for BTS V along with Park Seo Joon, who recently lived with V for around two months. The video served as the last surprise before V enlists in his mandatory military training in the next couple of days. On this occasion, V revealed his biggest disappointment in his enlistment process.

As the conversation went on, the three of them eventually talked about the military and V stated he was excited about it. He continued by sharing a short story about his father and how he always told him funny moments from his service when he was younger which ultimately made him eager to experience the enlistment.

In addition, Taehyung also shared this is the perfect opportunity to grow because he previously confirmed he wanted to challenge himself by joining the Special Duty Team. Despite high hopes from V he also confessed his biggest regret during his enlistment process.

V shared that he felt very disappointed. After all, he could not celebrate his birthday on December 30 with his loved ones because he was going to be training in the military. This might be the main reason why Park Seo Joon and Na PD took care of it and decided to have a little birthday party to cheer him up.

Undoubtedly, BTS’ V is going to excel at every challenge in the army, and his fans, better known as ARMY, are completely sure about it. In addition, ARMY always celebrates BTS members’ birthdays even if they are not present.