BTS’ V made shocking revelations on a Spotify video

BTS’ V made shocking revelations on a Spotify video

BTSV is well known for his electrifying aura and undeniable talent which has made him become in one of the most interesting and beloved idols in the K-pop scene, he has achieved several records and become ambassador of Cartier. However, things not always has been like that and V made shocking revelations about it in a new Spotify video.

Spotify released a video titled “Spotipoly” which featured Taehyung as part of the promotion of his debut album, “Layover” which revealed some aspects of his life while he was engaged in various games and took breaks to answer the questions.

One of the first answers addressed why  V’s pet, Yeontan appeared on the cover of his album, “Layover” and how they achieved the photoshoot. Taehyung answered that he offered advice to Yeontan

“He’s a bit shy, so we need to lay down some corrugated sheets,” drawing attention as a senior debutant.”

As the games continued, more interesting questions were asked, such as, “Who would you take to a deserted island?” which unsurprisingly answered: “Jungkook. He’s good at everything. If I ask, he’ll do anything.”

However, the question of the night lay on his childhood,  “If you were to meet 5-year-old Kim Taehyung?” V didn’t hesitate and gave a joking answer:

“I think I’d really give him a big slap, he really didn’t listen to anyone, you know?”

(CC) V makes it rain at Spotipoly | Spotipoly (FULL)

Undoubtedly, V’s charisma is something to be proud of, and his fans, better known as, the ARMY, know it.  They stated this video let them be closer to BTS’ V story. You can watch his latest release, “For Us” below:

V 'For Us' Official MV